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Calathea Rufibarba

Calathea Rufibarba

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Calathea Rufibarba is a more subtle looking variety compared to other Calatheas. However like the rest of its family it does have some uniqueness- velvety undersides. The long stems support slender, rippled- edged, green leaves that have a furry maroon underside. These are a tropical plant so they do well in shaded positions. They are great underlying plants in garden beds or make for a great indoor pot plant, out of indirect sunlight. The 'Rufibarba' enjoys being misted regularly to maintain humidity.

Growth: 1m high x 1m wide
Soil: well-draining potting soil, loamy, damp.

** All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to growers availability as per the time of year **

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