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Euphorbia Trigona

Euphorbia Trigona

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Euphorbia Trigona also known as the ‘African Milk Tree’ is an increasingly popular house plant and in some gardens, a statement piece. This succulent is an eye catching, easy to care for plant. It does best positioned in bright indirect light, avoid direct sun as it may burn the plant. If grown indoors water once a week, letting the soil dry out in-between. If positioned outdoors it won't need watering much at all, some people say the usual rainfall will do and supplement watering if its a dry month.

Growth: approx. up to 6ft. high
Soil: well-draining, sandy soil, cactus/succulent potting mix

*Pot not included*

Purchase height approx. (from top of pot)- 300mm

** All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to growers availability as per the time of year **

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