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Schefflera Alpine JR

Schefflera Alpine JR

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Schefflera Alpine Junior also know as the 'Umbrella Tree'  is an evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage. They are know for the columnar habit and grow well in tight spaces. The make for great indoor plants as they grow well in low lit areas, if the leaves start looking sad or looking leggy then they may need more light. If you desire them in you garden then make sure they are planted out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist in the warmer months and cooler in the dryer.

Growth: approx. outdoors-15m high x 6m wide/ indoors-1.5-2m high x 1-2m wide
Soil: Sandy, loam, well-draining

*Pot not included*

Purchase height approx. (from top of pot)- 400mm
** All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to growers availability as per the time of year **

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