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Spathiphyllum Maracay 'Peace Lilly'

Spathiphyllum Maracay 'Peace Lilly'

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Spathiphyllum Maracay also known as the 'Peace Lily' is one of the most a popular indoor plants, sporting shiny, dark-green, upright foliage with white spoon shaped flowers that stand tall. Their lush foliage will look great in a pot as a centerpiece or to bring life to any corner of the home.  The Maracay likes brightly lit spaces, avoiding direct sunlight. They can also tolerate low lit areas however may not flower as much. Keep the soil moist but not wet and plant in well draining potting soil.

Growth: approx. 1m high x 1m wide
Soil: Rich, composted, moist, well-draining    

*Pot not included*

Purchase height approx. (from top of pot)-
140mm pot-200mm
200mm pot-300mm

** All plant stock and sizes are approximates and subject to growers availability as per the time of year **

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